The Ultimate Dance Fitness Experience

We’re dancing in-person as a community! We’ll dance together in-studio & in Santa Monica by the ocean as we recharge & reconnect as a community

We are one community, one team, and one family – we are so grateful that you are a part of it. We’re in this together. Let’s keep on keeping each other strong, safe, positive and dancing. The health and safety of our team & community is our number one priority. That is creating not only the safest environment for our community – but one where our community feels safe.

We cannot wait to dance with you!


Welcome to LA Dancefit Studio, the #1 BEST Dance Fitness Studio in Los Angeles! Our mission is to enhance the quality of our students lives by providing the ultimate dance fitness experience. Our uniquely talented and experienced Dance Fitness Instructors guide students of all skill levels through a high energy, pulse-pounding, uber fun dance experience. At LA Dancefit Studio we believe dance is the ultimate inspiration to living a happier, healthier and fuller life. We offer an unparalleled, exhilarating and ex traordinary Dance Fitness experience. We call it a Cardio Dance Party, our students call it their “Happy place, where every hour is Happy Hour.” Our classes include the BEST of Zumba®, Hip Hop, Burlesque, Uplift, Cardio Hip Hop  & more.

With every dance step, our minds and bodies are freed as we step out of the real world and onto the dance floor to connect with our selves and enhance our wellbeing. We burn, we sweat, we never stop learning, we grow, we develop friendships, we gain confidence, we dance and we have fun!

Co-founders Diana Geiger, mom, wife, dance enthusiast and business professional, & Wil-son Williams, celebrity Instructor & Dance Fitness professional, met in 2008 in a Zumba® class. After several years of dancing together, they united to share their love of dance with their community and their mission to enlighten the lives of everyone they can reach. In 2012, they created LA Dancefit; the ultimate dance fitness experience that is as efficient as it is joyful – an experience that is the BEST part of their dancers’ day, every day and that has transformed so many lives.

Our dancers come to us from all backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience, from the athlete, rockstar, business professional to moms & dads. LA Dancefit is for everyone. Our community is calling your name so come in for a dance class and transform your life.  Get in shape, feel great and have fun doing it.

We look forward to dancing with you!

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Great instructors who are not only enthusiastic and motivating, but also make the dance routines fun! The pace is amazing and they drill small segments at a time so me, a non-dancer, can eventually get it in the end. I feel great after every single class. I LOVE it!!

– Christina L

A studio with supper fun dance classes. My favorite right now is Wil to Dance. He teaches you a routine and then you do it over and over. It’s a crazy good cardio workout that is very fun. Now that I have kids I don’t get to go out and dance as much and this has been great to get my dance fix in at 10am on a Tuesday.

– Ali B

Hidden gem in Westwood! Whether you like to dance, or work out this studio has a course for everyone, all skill levels. I have attended a few Zumba classes and hip hop classes. Love them all!!

– Rana Y