Get ready to dance at any event! We offer private & group lessons for the beginner to the advanced dancer. Whether you are looking to perfect your dance skills, or you’ve never danced a day in your life,
we can teach you to dance.

For immediate results, the personal guidance of a certified Instructor is always the safest and fastest way to get the job done! Your Instructor will create a personalized program with your dance or workout goals, and specific needs in mind.

If you feel more comfortable in the privacy of your own home,
an LA Dancefit certified Professional Instructor can come to you.

To inquire about private or group dance lessons.





Finding LA Dancefit has changed my life. I came here in the worst of times, in the midst of the worst sort of crisis a person can have, and you gave me back everything. I went from feeling helpless and alone, to being part of an extraordinary community with instructors who cared and warm and welcoming classmates. I feel energized, capable and healthy again. My private group lessons with Wil turned a bunch of klutzes into a group of dancers. He made us all feel accomplished! And I loved being part of a dance team. My “team shirt” hangs on the wall to remind me that I took a leap and survived. Thank you for giving me such a fantastic second home. I love every minute in the studio. I love knowing I can dance.