Minerva Dusigne began her love of dance in the world of Salsa. She trained for over three years with Alex Da Silva, the recurring guest choreographer on the Fox TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Minvera’s passion has always been music and dance. In her classes, you will listen and dance to Latin music of all genres (salsa, merengue, reggeton, cumbia, tango, samba and more) and music from many countries throughout Latin America, France and the U.S. Minerva began her career as a fitness instructor in 2008, teaching “Latin Heat,” a style similar to Zumba.

Minerva also ran her own private and successful studio from 2010 – 2013 but closed it when she moved to the South of France. While in France, she taught Zumba for two years in various locations and also stumbled across a new dance style popular in Europe: Kizomba, which she sometimes incorporates into some of her cool downs. Now, back in L.A., she has returned to teaching Zumba and has rediscovered the immense passion that originally drew her to dance and fitness!
“The first class I taught was Latin Heat in 2008 at LA Fitness. Then I discovered Zumba® and fell in love once again. For the next 3, I opened my own Dance studio in Los Angeles, until I moved to Europe, were I taught Zumba® for 2 years. My return to LA has been awesome, because I continue teaching my great passion.”