Jhon Gonzalez was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved with his family to Orlando, Florida at the age of 10. It was then when his spark for dancing began. His dancing career has been a hard training journey, primarily focusing on his favorite style of hip-hop. Nevertheless, he has also worked really hard to develop additional skills at all types of dancing disciplines.

Jhon is a Certified Zumba Instructor teaching at multiple locations across the Los Angeles area. His discipline and continuous training in hip-hop and jazz has helped him gain more experience and a higher set of dancing and performing skills.

Jhon has trained with the creator of Zumba himself Beto Perez who helped him realize that he needed to be open for continuous improvement. Getting Zumba certified provided him with knowledge and the tools necessary to help him create routines to better format his classes.

Today, Jhon has been a part of several Zumba Fitness DVDs and several Master Classes with Zumba Instructors from around the world. He was also a part of Step Up 4 and Rock of Ages both filmed in Miami Fl. The high energy he projects in class is contagious and he keeps the Zumba formula alive. He combines dance and fitness to make his classes full of energy and Happy People.