You’ve never met a dancer like Corey Coombs. Born in Barbados and raised in Montreal, Corey has consistently participated in a culturally rich variety of dance forms. Being part of a Calypso heritage inspired Corey to start his dance training at the age of 8 with The Montreal Afro-Caribbean Dance Company, expanding his repertoire in his teens with Fusion, a Jazz Hip-Hop troupe. By 18, New York City became his personal stage for dance discovery, and under the tutelage of a team of Jazz, Modern, and Ballet instructors at the Broadway Dance Center, Corey evolved as an artist and performed in many showcases and events.
Performance is only one aspect to his many talents: Teaching is where his passion kicks into the next gear! Corey has the natural ability to communicate easily and encouragingly to students of all walks of life, from the novice to the practitioner, as well as influential locals and celebrities. His drive to teach has brought him to New York, New Jersey, Montreal, St. John United States Virgin Islands, and California.

Corey’s unbroken focus and loving dedication to dance has sparked the branding of his own exceptional workout intensive which channels the groove and spirit of the Islands: Cardio Carnivale. It has received major notice from Malibu, the Pacific Palisades, and countless corners of Los Angeles.

Corey currently teaches classes at the Brazil Brazil Cultural Center in Los Angeles, as well as private lessons throughout Venice and Malibu. He’s approaching his 10th year instructing in Malibu, the fulcrum for his ongoing dance training and choreography, in high demand by the community. Renowned as “the Dance King” by his following, new students will arrive to a packed, supportive, and excited class!

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FB: cardiocarnivale
Instagram: cardiocarnivale
YouTube: Corey Coombs