Originally from Munich, Germany, Carina has trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop since early childhood. After moving to Orlando, Florida, Carina was a soloist at the Central Florida Ballet Conservatory and became an All Star member of the Universal Dance Association. A recent graduate of Dartmouth College, Carina holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Romance Languages (concentration in French and Italian) and a minor in Theater. At Dartmouth, she was the director of Sheba, the College’s premiere competitive hip hop troupe, placing 9th at World of Dance Boston and competing at conventions including Elements at Boston University and Jam On It at Wellesley College. In 2014, Carina was a featured dancer with JP Chandler (a choreographer for “Dancing with the Stars, France”) in his Iggy Azalea music video cover, filmed in Paris.

Since then, Carina has taught Zumba for two years and has fallen in love with the supportive and challenging atmosphere that dance-cardio offers. Carina has been choreographing in contemporary and hip hop styles since the age of 14, and has experience teaching all age groups, from children’s hip hop to adult’s Zumba.