Luckie was featured as an on-air choreographer and dance partner for Oxygen’s hit competition weight loss show Dance Your A** Off. While dancing his way into the finale, he found himself cultivating a signature style of cardio fitness that would be a fun challenge for recreational dancers.

Old School Skinny is designed around the feeling of togetherness people had at house parties back in the day. A time when everyone was on the dance floor and the DJ rocked the party all night long. In class, the air is always electric. The hand picked playlist of hits from the 70s 80s and 90s is invigorating spiritually as well as physically! Luckie’s patient teaching style and attention to the needs of his students makes the atmosphere incredibly uplifting.

In the first year of Old School Skinny, Luckie was featured in LA Weekly for his commitment to health and happiness through dance. Since then, he’s taught students of all ages and levels in dance/fitness studios around the world. He produces interactive live dance alongs for companies such as Kaiser Permanente, the Neon Run, Flash Mob America and more. Most recently, he received the position as Lead Director for the LA Sparks Ole Skool Crew dance team.

Now it’s time for you to get on the floor and bust a move. Old School Skinny’s throwback grooves and “express yourself” vibe is directly influenced by the days Luckie would dance in front of the tv while Soul Train and music videos were on.