Kids Class Schedule, Starts September 6, 2016

Please enroll your child into the Day/time of your choice.


3:30pm Street Jazz
(Ages 4-7) – Taisha


4:30 pm Breakin’
(Ages 9+) – Rian

5:30pm Hip Hop
(Ages 7-11) – Heather


3:30 pm Street Jazz
(Ages 4-7) – Taisha

4:30 pm Street Jazz
(Ages 9+) – Taisha


4:30 pm Breakin’
(Ages 9+)- Rian


3:30 pm Hip Hop Basics
(Ages 7+)- Khamari

4:30 pm Intro to Hip Hop
(Ages 4-7)- Carina

The Fine Print

All classes are 60 minutes.
Please drop off kids promptly and pick up 5-10 minutes before class is over.
Parents will not be allowed to wait in the dance class.
Missed classes may be made up in the same week.
Absolutely NO refunds or exchanges.

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