Our mission is to help inspire and educate you to become happier and healthier in your lives by providing an extraordinary dance experience. Our dance classes are a guaranteed step in the direction of positivity, and happy and healthy lifestyle.

Are you new to dance fitness? Looking for a fun new way to workout? Need a little extra motivation? Tired of being tired? Our community is calling your name. Step onto the dance floor and transform your life! You will undoubtedly have a blast, be inspired, learn something new, feel challenged, be successful and experience an uplifting and exhilarating dance class.

LA Dancefit is for everyone.


Drop-ins welcome.
Sign in at the front desk before taking any class.

Bring water & a towel.

Use hand sanitizer upon entry and during your visit.

Wear comfortable workout attire and sneakers and be prepared to sweat.

Download the LA Dancefit app to check the schedule.

Please arrive in time for class.
Absolutely no refunds or exchanges if you miss your class and forget to cancel at least 6 hours in advance.

All classes are subject to cancellation and change of Instructor.

Not feeling well? Have a cough, fever or other symptoms of COVID-19?
Please stay home. Let us know immediately.

If you need help choosing the right class for you or help putting together a customized lifestyle plan to get immediate results, please feel free to call us at 310.473.3530 or email us, our friendly staff is here to help.

Check out our FAQ’s for more answers to your questions.


Never miss a beat.
Search and sign up for classes,
add favorites to your calendar, schedule reminders and more.


In an effort to make everyones dance experience the BEST possible, please review Dance Floor code of conduct.

Please DO NOT save spots. First come, first serve.

Please check in with our friendly Staff before taking ANY class.

Please be responsible for the energy you bring onto the dance floor.

Please keep talking to a minimum. Please NO gum or food on the dance floor.

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Have a positive attitude, open mind and have fun!

Please share the dance floor, be kind and courteous to fellow dancers, Instructors & Staff.

Please do your best to avoid conflicts, make negative comments or swear.

Please inform Staff immediately of any issues. Please DO NOT attempt to any resolve issues yourself.

Please stagger to allow maximum space for each dancer.

If you have any issues with spacing, please let the Staff know immediately. DO NOT ask anyone to move.

Position yourself relative to your dance expertise. In an effort to better keep the pace set by the Instructor, beginner students should avoid the front rows & position themselves behind more advanced students.

When running late please position yourself discretely. Please DO NOT stand in front of anyone.

Please ask Staff for assistance when you are late or need help finding a spot.

Instructors reserve the right to reposition students for safety and class quality.

Please wear fitness attire and comfortable footwear that is designated for dance only.

Please avoid wearing shoes that have been hiking or have dirt/rocks on the soles.

Please make sure that you have picked up all your belongings after class.

Please avoid bringing strong scents onto the dance floor as many people have sensitivities to them.

Please avoid using perfumes or strong scents prior to coming to the studio.

LA Dancefit Studio will not tolerate students who are rude, insulting or offensive to anyone.

Non-adherence to LA Dancefit Etiquette may result in dismissal from class &/or suspension of your account.

LA Dancefit reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime.