Have you ever dreamed of being on an Adult Dance Team?

Are you a novice student or experienced dancer looking to improve your dance skills, get performance experience, or just have more fun?

Students Adult Dance Teams are made of students just like you.All ages & all levels welcome. No dance experience necessary for some teams. Dance experience recommended for some teams!

Not sure which team is for you, just ask us!

Dance with your favorite LA Dancefit Instructor(s) on a Dance Team for 8 weeks, in at least 10 hours of group rehearsals, experience something new, get in shape, take your dance to a whole new level and have a BLAST!

Invite your friends & family to see you perform in our Annual Student Adult Dance Team Performance.

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So much fun!
I love everything about it.
Making new friends, getting better at dance, performing on stage!


I love practicing choreography over and over to get it just right; I love the friendship we develop with other dancers; I love being on stage performing something I worked hard at. I am also interested in possibly joining a second team that is modern dance based: something that looks like “Fire” this year, or Kiki’s full out choreo last year.

So much fun!
I was on Apollo’s Dance Team.
I loved how hard everyone worked and how close we all got during our time together.So much FUN!